Monday, 21 April 2014

Special Occasion Beauty: Tips for Eyes and Lips

Welcome back to the second installment of Special Occasion Beauty. I personally think that eyes and lips are the best way to add some interest to any makeup look for a special event. My main advice would be to pick eyes or lips as your main focus of the look. For instance, if you so choose a smokey eye, go easy on the lips. If you choose a bold lipstick, go easy on the eyes. When I find myself getting ready for a big day, I sometimes catch myself going heavy with makeup EVERYWHERE, which isn't necessarily the best look. Sometimes I need to step away from the mirror for a second and ask myself: is this too much? Keeping your look simple and clean is the secret to creating a beautiful, timeless look that won't produce cringe-worthy photos in 5 year's time. Although I love this spring's trend of bold colors, I think that using a neutral, pretty color palette will survive the test of time. Fuschia lips are gorgeous but perhaps try sticking with a classic red or plum lipstick. Fresh pinks, peaches and nudes are always in style, and a slick of black eyeliner always looks put together. Remember to have fun and to wear a look that you feel comfortable in!

  • Eyeshadow is a great way to define the eyes and really draw attention to your lovely peepers. I don't think there's just one eye look to wear on a special occasion and it comes down completely to personal preference. Adding a darker color to the crease and outer "v" area can help accentuate eye shape and make the eyes look more sultry. It's a simple look I go back to time and time again.
  • Matte eyeshadows look great in pictures, consider using shimmery eyeshadows sparingly to the center of the lid or to highlight the inner corners of the eyes. Shimmer sometimes translates to greasy when flash photography is added into the mix.
  • To avoid eyeshadow fall out getting all over your cheeks, apply under eye concealer after doing your eye makeup to avoid smearing eyeshadow over your face. Alternatively, you can do your eye makeup first and apply foundation second to conceal any mistakes/fall out.
  • Defining the lash line can help the lashes to look thick and voluminous. Consider using a dark eyeshadow to line the upper lash line for a subtle look. For a more dramatic look, use pencil/liquid/gel liner. I personally love the look of the timeless cat eye flick.
  • Consider how emotional the event will be. If there is the slightest chance that you will get tearful, waterproof mascara is a must. Even at an outdoor event, don't risk sweating off your mascara.
  • Individual lashes are a great way to amp up the lashes. I would recommend individual lashes applied to the outer half of the lash line for pretty, fluttery lashes. Strip lashes are also an option but tend to look less natural.
  • If you intend on waxing/threading/plucking eyebrows, make sure to do it at least three days before the event. Waxing on the day of the event risks having an inflamed and reddened face.
  • Defined brows are always a must. Use a brow pencil, matte eyeshadow/brow powder or a brow gel to define shape and keep them in place all day. 

  • If you will be kissing and hugging at your special occasion, consider avoiding lipgloss which will disappear quickly from your lips. In the same respect, wearing a bold lip can be high maintenance if you will be kissing and/or eating.
  • Stick to classic lipstick colors rather than trends (save the bright purple lipstick for a night out). Many shades of pink, peach and mauve look ultra flattering on a variety of skin tones.
  • Consider wearing a long wearing lip product if you will not have the opportunity for touch ups. Alternatively, matte lipsticks generally last longer on the lips than satin/shiny formulations.
  • Using a lip liner in under your lipstick will extend the wear time of your lip color.Line the lips and fill them in completely with the liner before applying lipstick. 
  • For those who couldn't be bothered with a high-maintenance lipstick, stick to nude and natural lip colors that will wear off in a discreet manner.
  • Placing a slick of lip gloss to the very center of the lips gives the illusion of a fuller pout!

So those are my top tips for any special occasion. If you have not seen Part One of my Special Occasion Beauty series, check it out here. What are your favorite tips for a big day? Please leave any questions or comments below, I always love getting feedback!

Thanks for reading.

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