Thursday, 17 April 2014

Special Occasion Beauty: Flawless Base Tips

With the season of weddings, graduations and other celebrations upon us, it's helpful to know some makeup tips that will make your life that much easier on the most important of days. When I think about special occasion makeup, I think about those classic, timeless looks that never go out of style. I think about Audrey Hepburn, Kate Middleton and the ever classy Natalie Portman, never overdone but always refined and beautiful. When planning your look for a big event, it's important to stick with what you know, it's not the time to see if red lips are for you (not that there's anything wrong with a lovely rouge pout), as it can be risky to experiment with new trends and looks. I think that most of all, you should wear the makeup that you feel the most comfortable and confident wearing.

With that said, it can be daunting to get ready for a day that you know will be highly photographed and distributed to all of your friends and extended family. Here is Part One of my Special Occassion Beauty series focused on achieving the perfectly photogenic base. Here are some tips to consider before a big day that can help prevent some makeup mishaps before they happen.


  • When you wake up in the morning, wash your face and apply a moisturzier and give it time to sink in before you apply your makeup. Alternatively, if you have oily skin it may be a good idea to skip the moisturizer as it may add more oil to your face.
  • After your skincare has had some time to really sink into the skin, I always recommend using a primer under your makeup. There are a number of different primers that produce different results. For those with dry/normal/combination skin you may wish to use an illuminating primer to add some glow to the face. Perhaps you want a primer that serves no other purpose than to extend the wear-time of your foundation. Oily/Teenage skins may want to consider using a mattifying primer to combat a shiny face as the day goes on, even if only applied to the T-Zone of the face (as noted above, oily skins skip the moisturizer and put the primer over bare skin).
  • When choosing a foundation, always choose a foundation without SPF. Although wearing sun protection is a great idea on a day to day basis, wearing an SPF on your face can cause a flashback from photography and make your entire face look white.
  • When applying your foundation, make sure to blend it down the neck to avoid a harsh line of makeup on the jawline.
  • Using powder if a great way to lock your foundation and concealer into place. If you have normal/combination/dry skin, consider using powder sparingly on the forehead and down the center of the face to prevent T-Zone shinyness. If you are an oily skinned gal, use a light layer of powder over the entire face to ensure your makeup stays in place all day.


  • Photography tends to wash people out. A touch of blush to the cheeks can make the face look healthy and fresh. If you have large pores or blemishes on the cheeks, avoid blush with shimmer which will emphasize uneven texture. Instead, choose a matte blush to disguise imperfections. 
  • Consider using a powder blush if you have oily skin. Alternatively, apply face powder on top of cream blush to make it last all day. You can also layer a powder blush over a cream blush for color that lasts all day. 
  • Bronzer can help to warm up the complexion and help add structure to the face. Remember to bronze the neck and chest to make the tan look realistic.
  • Highlighter is a great way to add some glow to the face. Remember to go easy on highlighters with lots of shimmer and sparkle as it may translate to greasy on camera. Apply sparingly to the tops of the cheekbones and under the browbone for a pretty glow.


  • For blemish prone girls like myself, consider cutting out dairy/sugar in the days/weeks leading up to your special event. I suffer from cystic acne and after cutting out sugar and limiting my intake of dairy products for only a week, I have not broken out once. 
  • Get some beauty sleep the night before. Going on a bender the night before a special occasion is not going to do you any favors and a heavy night will be easily detected on your skin. Go to bed early and get some much needed rest. 
  • If your event is taking place later in the day/evening, hold off on doing your makeup until it gets closer to the event. Holding off on doing your makeup for as long as possible will ensure that your makeup stays looking fresh for as long as possible. For instance, get your hair and nails done first and leave makeup for last. 

So there are some helpful tips for a beautiful base fit for any occasion. Remember that putting the time into doing your base makeup will save yourself some grief and allow you to enjoy your special day without worrying if your makeup has melted off. Keep an eye out for my next post on Special Occasion Beauty that will feature top tips for lips and eye makeup. 

What are your top tips for a flawless base on a special day?

Thanks for reading. 


  1. I have to say that I just adore you and love to follow your blog. I always thought you were a cool kid and its a delight to see the wonderful young lady you've become. Sorry, don't be alarmed, I'm not a staulker, just your sisters friend from down the road :) I'm not much into the makeup side of things but do enjoy a clean/fresh face. What's your take on Cleansers, Toners, exfoliating/microdermabrasion, acne busters, etc etc,? I'm curious for all the things you do before the makeup. Have you experimented with these in the past, anything you crave, things you've tossed? I would love to read all about it :)

  2. Thank you so much for the sweet comment! I'm still not a hundred percent sure who you are and it's driving me mental :P I am personally obsessed with skincare but keep things more directed towards makeup because I wasn't sure if people were interested in reading about skincare. I will definitely have to start branching off into skincare after that request though. I am crazy about cleansing properly and using toners (hydrating and acid toners). I'm also always on the hunt for effective acne products. Thanks again for the comment and stay tuned for some skin care posts! xo

  3. You're welcome :) And to add to the "effective" acne products, my 30 year old face loves the Boots No7 Microdermabrasion Exfoliator as well as their Pore Refining Serum (the duo has done wonders for my large pores) and from Arbonne, the Clear Advantage Acne Spot Treatment for those little morning suprises!! A definite must have on my vanity.