Monday, 23 March 2015

Luscious Locks: Some Hair Favorites

I'm certainly not high maintenance when it comes to hair care and styling. My fine hair can't handle heavy or greasy products, so I always look for things that will give me volume and texture without drying it out. Each product mentioned today is not utilized on a daily basis but rather for specific occasions to meet my hair needs. I happen to have a lot of drugstore products that I am enjoying currently but I often switch back and forth between high end and drug store hair care. Here are my five hair essentials of the moment:

Elnett Hairspray is a bit of a beauty icon. The hairspray has literally been around since the 60's and continues to be a favorite of many today. I love it because it has amazing hold but applies to the hair very dry, rather than wet and goopy. I use this hairspray usually when I sport buns and ponytails to keep the baby hairs around my hairline in check. It lasts all day for me without touch ups and can easily be brushed out at the end of the day. Best hairspray ever.

For those of you with blonde or light hair, you may find that your hair can look dull and flat sometimes. Light hair does not seem to shine in the same way darker hair does. I bought this glossing mist on a whim and it's become a lovely addition to my hair wardrobe. I love to spray from my ears down to my ends after curling my hair for glossy curls that never look greasy.

I religiously apply oil to my ends every time I wash my hair. In comparison to the ever-loved Moroccanoil, I think Wella blows it out of the water. It smells delicious and absorbs quickly into the hair to keep it soft and nourished for a few days. I love that I can layer more oil on when my ends feel like they need some moisture.

I've tried many a root boosting spray in my lifetime and this is certainly a favorite. I like to spray this on to the roots of my damp hair and blow dry my hair upside down for volume boost that never feels weighed down or sticky.

I needn't go on about this on for too long. It's the perfect gym companion for sweaty locks and it's perfect for second/third/fouth/fifth day hair. It smells divine and adds a piecey texture to the hair.

So there sums up my favorite hair products of the moment. I would love some recommendations for shampoos, conditioners and deep conditioning treatments!

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Monday, 9 March 2015

The Best of February 2015

Hello folks! It's been a few weeks since I last posted on Newfound Beauty but I'm back with my slightly tardy February Favorites. In the past month I've been playing around with my beauty routine and trying some new looks to spice up the long Canadian winter. This month has focused on wearing smoked-out muted colors like grey, plum and bronze. I'm craving some more color on my face to compensate for the dreary, monotonous cold and jazzing up my makeup in the mornings helps a little. Here are my favorite things from February:

I used this foundation almost every day in the month of February. I love the medium buildable coverage which reduces the amount of concealer I need to put on in the morning. This foundation has done wonders for covering up pigmentation left on my cheeks and jawline from acne and has an incredible lasting powder for 12 hour work days. As I mentioned in my review of Smashbox Studio Skin Foundation (check it out here), I have the lightest shade which is still a smidge too dark for me but I make it work by mixing with lighter foundations or bronzing my neck. Just a warning to those uber pale ladies out there looking for a good color match- you won't find it here!

I'm willing to bet that this blush is one of MAC all-time best sellers. And I totally get why. Although I think this would be the perfect shade on it's own in the summer time paired with a tan, I've been loving to use it mixed with my other blushes. Swiped over the top of a pink blush it creates a gorgeous rosy-peach shade that makes cool toned blushes much more wearable on my warm-toned complexion. The blush is a pretty matte peach that is a must-have in any collection. Matte blush is a great choice for people like myself with uneven skin texture on the cheeks (scars, acne, pigmentation, psoraisis, large pores, etc) as it does not emphasize imperfections.

What a perfect red nail polish. Not only do I adore the beautiful shade that is Keep Up the Flame, but I am doubly impressed by the formulation of this polish. It lasts about 5-7 days completely chip-free on myself. I've never encountered any red nail polish that could take such a beating. I have not tried any other Maybelline nail polishes in at least ten years, but I'm extremely impressed with such an affordable polish from the drugstore.

All hail the king! This Naked Palette was my first foray into the world of makeup. A lovely birthday present gifted to me back in 2012 by the boy, it started an obsession with mid-high end makeup. I have to admit that I really haven't gotten much use out of this puppy in the past two years but I've been really enjoying it in the month of February. In particular, I've been favoring Naked (matte beige), Buck (matte warm brown), Smog (bronze with gold shimmer and Toasted (shimmery antique copper). The fall down of these shadows is annoying but the result is absolutely stunning. Urban Decay hits it out of the park when it comes to pigmentation and color selection- every time.

So there sums up my favorite things in February. What have you been putting on your face this winter? What are your favorite combinations from the Naked Palette? Let me know in the comments below!

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