Sunday, 13 April 2014

A Gloss for Gloss Haters: Maybelline Gloss Elixir Review

Maybelline Gloss Elixir in Glistening Amber
Maybelline Gloss Elixir in Glistening Amber layered over peach lipstick
Maybelline Gloss Elixir in Glistening Amber layered over light pink lipstick
Maybelline Gloss Elixir in Glistening Amber layered over red lipstick
Happy Saturday folks! It has been an incredibly stressful week, but it certainly worked out for the better (I have finished my degree and rented a new apartment). Lately I've been trying out a lot of drugstore makeup products, looking for good quality, affordable products to pass on to my lovely readers. I picked up the Maybelline Gloss Elixir in Glistening Amber to use as a golden shimmer gloss to layer over lipsticks. There are a wide range of colors within the Gloss Elixir range and I'm fairly certain that most of them don't contain shimmer. As I mentioned, I did not purchase this product to wear on it's own (I definitely don't like like it on it's own) but it layers beautifully over a variety of lipsticks to make the lips look plump and juicy. If you are someone who dislikes lip gloss for it's heavy, gloopy feel, this product may change your mind. It feels very similar to wearing lip balm as it feels light and hydrating with absolutely NO stickyness. Here's a little breakdown of my thoughts: 

PACKAGING: This lip gloss does not look like a drugstore product. The packaging is very sleek and sophisticated and at a glance it's hard to tell if it is a lipstick or lip gloss. I love how compact the lip gloss is, perfect for travel or throwing in your bag. For crazy people like me who care about packaging, it's aesthetically pleasing.

COLOR: This is definitely a sheer lip gloss. The name glistening amber is a great description of the color. It's a warm nude with micro glitter particles to give the gloss a shimmer finish rather than glitter. When layered over lipsticks, it makes the lips look juicy and shiny without any detectable glitter. Please note how amazing it looks over red lipstick (see picture above).

WEAR TIME: The gloss is impressively long lasting on the lips without feeling heavy or sticky. I would recommend this for gloss-haters as it doesn't feel like wearing traditional lip gloss and feels like lip balm on the lips. When layered over a lipstick, I did not notice the lipstick to wear off any faster. I did not have to touch up for a few hours but I will note that it did not last through a coffee (though few lip glosses could actually withstand a hot bevy). 

FRAGRANCE: Initially I didn't like the smell of the Maybelline Gloss Elixirs as it smells very floral and sickly to me. I have read other reviews and most people don't mind or really like the scent. Maybe it's just me and my sniffer. The good news is that the scent fades around 10 minutes after it's applied, so it's something I can deal with.


If these weren't so heavily perfumed, I would have given this a top rating. The formulation is spot on and I hope this is will be the new standard for drugstore lip glosses to come. I am definitely interested in trying more colors in the range to wear on their own rather than to layer with other products. I think one of the pink shades would be a lovely addition to the makeup bag for spring. The drugstore seems to be on it's game for making impressive products that could give high end brands a run for their money. Have you tried the Maybelline Gloss Elixirs? What shade should I try next?

Thanks for reading. 

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