Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Vintage Beauty in the Modern Age: Downton Abbey Inspired Look

I am a fan of the TV series Downton Abbey. For those of you who have not seen the show, it is about a very rich family and their servants living in a massive estate in Yorkshire, England in 1912. I've always been interested in period dramas and Downton Abbey is one of the best. Especially when it comes down to the fashion and beauty of the early 1900's which are so different than the makeup looks we see today. After doing some research, I decided to do a makeup look based on the characters in Downton Abbey and historically accurate makeup techniques of that period.

Facts about 1910's Makeup:

  • It was frowned upon to have any tan or color to your skin- as it was an indication of class. The rich did not work and protected their skin from the sun while the working class were more tanned from working outside. Pale skin was very sought after to show the public that you were upper class. 
  • To look very "made up" was frowned upon and women wore very minimal makeup at that time. Mascara had just come on the scene but was not yet popular making eye makeup practically non-existent.
  • Little pots of rouge would be utilized to create a rosy flush on the cheeks and a bitten stain on the lips.

For today's look I kept things very minimal. Eye makeup consisted of a very light brown blended into the crease and along the bottom lashline. I added a very light coat of mascara as my eyelashes are blonde and practically invisible without it. The face was kept clean with foundation and a rosy blush just on the apples of the cheeks. For lips I applied a few swipes of a deep plum lipstick and dabbed it in with my fingers until only a slight stain was left on the lips. 

And that sums it up! The look is simple and minimal but comes across as feminine and fresh. Would you wear the pared-down rosy Downton Abbey look? Are you a fan of the show? Please let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

Products Used:

Face: Smashbox Studio Skin Foundation mixed with Bourjois Health Mix Serum Foundation, Bobbi Brown Correction in Porcelain (to highlight), Maybelline Dark Circle Eraser (undereyes and blemishes) and NARS Translucent Crystal Setting Powder. 

Cheeks: NARS Amour blush

Eyes: Naked and Darkhorse (Urban Decay Naked Palette), Wet n Wild Brulee and Covergirl Clump Crusher.

Lips: Rimmel London Kate Moss Lasting Finish Lipstick in 108

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Monday, 9 February 2015

My Favorite MAC Lipstick

Today I pay tribute to a gorgeous lipstick. My absolute favorite MAC lipstick (granted I only own two). Drumroll please.....MAC Kinda Sexy. I think everybody should own this lipstick. I've seen pale girls and darker girls rock this color and it looks great on everyone.


  • It's a mid-priced product, so you are paying a semi-reasonable amount of money for a fabulous product.
  • It's matte finish is very "on trend" but feels really moisturizing on the lips (and believe me, I hate the feeling of most matte lip products).
  • The gorgeous color which is like nothing I've ever worn. It's un-dupable in my opinion and it's an ultra-flattering warm-toned pink with the slightest touch of brown. 
  • It looks absolutely beautiful with a gloss on top.
  • It wears for a long time and fades evenly (doesn't leave that nasty ring of lipstick around the perimeter of the lips).
  • It has a vanilla scent. 
  • It appears to be in the nude-spectrum of colors but provides a little pop of color that doesn't wash out the complexion.
  • Versatile enough to work with a more heavily made up look or a minimal makeup look.
MAC Kinda Sexy is a very popular shade and I totally understand why. It's not only my favorite MAC lipstick but also one of my favorites in my entire collection. I'm nuts about it and I HIGHLY recommend to anyone looking to try out a new MAC lipstick. 

What is your favorite MAC lipstick? Let me know in the comments below.

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Monday, 2 February 2015

The Best of January 2015

January is never my favorite month and I'm happy to see that it's over. This month I have not purchased ANY new makeup products as a part of my Project Pan, which is in effect until March 21st. That said, this has pushed me to dig deep into my makeup bag and rediscover some gems that I've forgotten about along the way. Here are five things that I've really enjoyed in the past month:

After purging my makeup in the last month, I now own only two highlighters. I ordered this highlighter before Christmas after hearing so many great reviews and I'm so happy I did. MAC Soft and Gentle is a peachy champagne highlighter that reflects a white golden sheen. It is shimmery with finely milled glitter throughout the product. When applied lightly to the tops of the cheeks, it appears as an almost wet-looking sheen without visible glitter. Of course, if applied with a heavy hand, you could easily look like a Christmas tree ornament. I adore a subtle application to the tops of the cheeks, bridge of the nose and cupid's bow. See me wearing it in last week's post on the top of the cheek. It's a beautiful cult classic that I am happy to own and I've used it every day of the month. Although it's expensive at $37 CAD, it has 10 grams of product which is certainly enough to last years.

As a part of my project pan, I've set my mind to using up a full lipstick. Enter, Clarins Nude Rose. The formula itself is incredibly creamy and soft with a scent that reminds me of berries. It's a cool toned rosy pink that has a touch of berry. I find that this lipstick is makes teeth look really white and brightens up the whole complexion. I'm finally down to the bottom and I will probably have this finished in a day or two.

I have definitely mentioned this eyeshadow in past monthly favorites. This is a very versatile eyeshadow that feels very smooth and creamy, though it is a powder. I like to use this on top of my eye primer before putting on any other color eyeshadows to help them blend together better. The yellow toned cream shade neutralizes redness and veins on the eye lids, creating the perfect canvas for any eyeshadow look. I've made a pretty decent dip in the Wet N Wild Brulee Eyeshadow this month and I will soon be hitting pan.

Since taking Accutane for the past few months, I cannot wax or thread my eyebrows due to skin sensitivity (and secretly for fear that my skin will get ripped off). I invested in a good pair of tweezers to tie me over until I can start getting my brows professionally tamed again. Tweezerman Tweezers are the easiest and most precise tweezers for getting the most stubborn hairs and I love that I can grip the exact hair I want on the first try-every time. If you pluck, you should definitely look into Tweezerman.

This product has saved my hands from the harsh Canadian winter/Accutane/eczema/nurse hands. It's an incredibly thick and somewhat greasy hand cream that skins pretty quickly into the hands making them immediately soft and silky. It is scented in a subtle, non-offensive scent that sort of reminds me of old ladies. I like to apply it throughout the day and always in a thick layer before bed. Herbacin Hand Cream is available at most drugstores and Walmart, coming in at around $5 CAD.

So that rounds up the product superstars of the past month. What have you been enjoying lately?

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