Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Pro Tip for a Bold/Deep Lip

Last week I had an embarrassing beauty moment. What is an embarrassing beauty moment you ask? Let me explain. I had recently purchased a deep wine red lip pencil (see me sporting it here) and I decided it was time to break it out in honor of autumn. Sidenote: I realize most individuals do not coordinate their makeup with the seasons. I'm the one with the problem. I decided to go shopping with my vampy lip and it seemed like it was attracting a lot of attention from the ladies in the shop. It was only when I got in my car to go home that I realized that I had lipstick ALL OVER MY TEETH. That my friends, is a beauty blunder which made me look slightly cannibalistic. After recovering from my True Blood moment, I remembered the one insanely simple step to prevent lipstick from getting on teeth. And now it's time to pass it on!

*After applying your bold/deep lipstick, put your index finger in your mouth (right to the knuckle! See picture above) and pull your finger out of your mouth. That's it!*

If the thought of a gorgeous berry lip gives your visions of the dreaded lipstick-on-teeth, try this tip and you will never have to worry about it again. There's no excuses ladies, it's time to pull out the daring lipsticks laying forgotten at the bottom of your makeup bag.

Thanks for reading.

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