Sunday, 19 January 2014

Review: Stila Convertible Color in Peony

I have had my eye on the Stila Convertible Colors for quite some time now. I heard much hype about these cream blushes that double as lip creams sometime last year. Somehow, I have managed to refrain from immediately buying one, though I longingly swatched them every time I took a gander in the Shoppers Drugmart Beauty Boutique. I finally caved and bought the shade Peony about two weeks ago and have had the opportunity to give it a few goes. Here are my thoughts:

PACKAGING: Let's start with the most objective, unimportant feature of this product; the packaging. I personally love the look of this blush, it's in a plastic compact that is quite flat and petite. I love how the packaging is different than any other blush I own and the gorgeous frosted dusty pink color makes me feel like a proper lady. It looks like it would travel well and is tough enough to throw into the depths of a purse for on the go makeup.

FORMULATION: The formula of this cream blush is so different that I expected. From doing my research before buying, I assume it would be a very "wet" and dewy blush (which is probably why it has taken me so long to buy it). I was pleasantly surprised to discover that actually has a semi-matte finish, which looks gorgeous blended into the cheeks.

APPLICATION: The product itself is very pigmented but difficult to go overboard with. I'm the type of girl who would prefer to slap it on with my fingers and blend it in to the skin rather than use a brush, but I imagine it would work well applied with a brush as well. It blends gorgeously and is super easy to use, I would definitely recommend this as a great cream blush for beginners. In the pan it looks like a very dark, dusty pink but it actually swatches to be a neutral-browny-peach. Yet it does not look at all like a bronzer, nor does it look orange at all. I think that Peony would be flattering on light and medium skin tones. 

WEAR TIME: I have combination skin, so I am often weary about cream products wearing off before I've drank my morning tea. To put it to the ultimate test, I applied it without any setting powder to see how long lasting it was. To my pleasant surprise, this blush will stand the test of time and I do not need to set with powder to keep it in place. By the end of the day, it looked nearly exactly the same as it did 12 hours ago with very minimal fading. It doesn't smear, get blotchy or transfer. I am very impressed with it's wear time. 

LIP CREAM CAPABILITIES: I'm definitely not the type of person who longs for a 3 product face. In fact I don't tend to lust after multitasking products because I just love makeup and using lots of different things is fun for me. My point is that I like wearing lipstick, so I wouldn't necessarily think to use this as my primary lip product. That being said, if I was really stuck, I would have no problems swiping this on the lips for a subtle pinky brown pout. It's not the most moisturizing on the lips but would be fine combined with a lip balm if you were in a pinch. I bought this to be a blush so I'm not too concerned about it's downfall as a lip cream.


I am definitely impressed with the Stila Convertible Color in Peony, and I think it lives up to the hype. I am now curious to try other shades to see how they compare (all in the name of conducting an experiment, right?). Have you tried the convertible colors? What are your favorite shades?

Thanks for reading.

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