Monday, 6 January 2014

My Beauty Resolutions for 2014

Due to power outages and blizzards ravaging the province, I have been unable to post for far too long. I know it's kind of late on the resolution train but they are no less true than they were on New Years Day. I will hopefully get back to a regular posting schedule when power issues are resolved.

There's nothing like the start of a new year to try to improve the status quo. I think that 2013 was definitely a great year for me on the makeup front and I have already developed some good habits that I will likely carry on into this year. When I say “good habits” I mean: putting research into products before I buy, investing in some fabulous quality brushes that have greatly improved the way products blend onto my face, managing to wash my makeup off EVERY night and making some fantastic brand discoveries. Of course, I'm not perfect and this year I have set the bar high for myself in terms of bringing my makeup knowledge to a whole new level and share my discoveries with y'all. So like I said, this seems like a lot to accomplish... but I'm ready for the challenge.

#1 Reduce the acne scarring on my face (still assembling a game plan, post to follow).
#2 Find the perfect nude eye palette.
#3 Find a perfect coral lipstick.
#4 Be more comfortable in less/no makeup and create the best “no makeup/minimal makeup look”.
#5 Find a foundation worthy of HG status.
#6 Purchase a second eyeshadow blending brush.
#7 Obtain anything from Tom Ford Cosmetics/Chanel Cosmetics.
#8 Come up with a good solution for makeup storage.
#9 Incorporate more color into my makeup looks (colored eyeliner perhaps?).
#10 Continue with my skincare regime (e.g. don't sleep in makeup).
#11 Create a makeup look that will withstand a day in the life of a nurse (12 hour shift).
#12 Wash my makeup brushes frequently.
#13 Make planned beauty purchases- not impulsive beauty buys.
#14 Put more effort into actually DOING my hair (anything other than my usual “just rolled out of bed” hair smothered in dry shampoo)

Of course I have all of the other classic resolutions that every person and their cat has: get back into my exercise regime, attempt to eat clean, get solid rest, blah blah blah. But that is always in the back of my head during the year so I hardly think it's worth mentioning. Just ask the boyfriend, I'm sure I declare a total health reform on us at least every two weeks. So hopefully this will continue throughout the year as I try to balance a little bit of indulgence with a generally healthy lifestyle (aren't we all?). Another wish for 2014 is to be more positive. More and more I am beginning to realize that negativity is contagious and how quickly a minor hiccup can bring my day from great to the worst. In this new year I'm going to try to be more positive and hope I can help spread it around to those around me.

So what's on your beauty bucket list for the year? Maybe you want to find the perfect blush. Maybe you want to muster up the courage to wear a red lip in public. Or maybe you just want a good eyebrow wax. Either way, I wish you luck on your new beginnings. Please let me know your beauty resolutions in the comments below, as they may become the basis for future blog posts.

Thanks for reading.


  1. Happy New Year! (I think your beauty resolutions are 90% the same as mine. Really need to get on the cleaning the brushes/face at bedtime, not wearing make-up everywhere, actually doing my hair... etc, etc. Haha)

    1. Haha I think most beauty junkies have similar resolutions. But not worries, we got this :D Happy New Year to you :) Thanks for commenting love! xo

  2. Can definitely relate to the hair one!! it's never too late for resolutions posts, just made mine now LOL. #guilt

    1. Like I said Andrea, we still have 11 and a half months ahead of us. Plenty of time for resolutions :P So far I am failing miserably at doing my hair properly... but everything else is still on! Thanks for commenting love! xo

  3. #2, have you tried the naked basics?!

    1. I own the original Naked palette but I love the look of the naked basics. I don't tend to wear matte colors very often but it does look lovely!

  4. Hi Stacy! We have the same resolutions haha. I'm a nurse too! I frequently fall asleep on the couch after a day shift and really don't care to go splash water on my face so I keep a pack of makeup remover wipes in my bedside table so I can remove my makeup while still being half asleep! And if you find a foundation that can withstand a 12 hr shift let me know! haha. I'm happy when it lasts til my lunch break.

    1. Hey Julia! I will be graduating in the spring :) It can be so hard to put much effort into anything at all after a 12 hour shift, but I've been pretty well-behaved with washing my face in the past year. And I will have a post to come on long wearing foundations! I'm still making up my mind on a few :P Thanks for commenting! xo