Thursday, 5 December 2013

Sister Beauty: A Sneak Peak into my Sister's Beauty Bag

In honor of my sister's birthday today (happy birthday seestor!), I have interviewed my sister to find out her favorite beauty picks. I feel like we can so often get caught up in our own day-to-day morning routines that many of us stick with the same makeup looks out of habit. Such a simple way to get some inspiration for makeup looks and recommendations for great beauty products is to look to your friends and family to see what they are loving. If you are lucky enough to have a sister, it is likely that she will possess at least one product that will also look great on you. Thanks to genetics, you will likely have some features that are very similar. For instance, my sister and I both have blue eyes (though her's are light blue and mine are dark blue) and I have copied many of her eyeshadow looks that I have found to look quite flattering.

I have always admired my sister for her lovely makeup looks from a young age and I have had the pleasure of watching her carefully apply her flawless makeup for years. Here is a breakdown of her makeup looks:

1. Terrie always has a beautiful flawless complexion. Even when short on time or running errands, Terrie puts in the effort to apply either foundation or concealer to make her lovely skin look gorgeous and perfected.
2. Terrie always loves to play up her big, beautiful eyes. Terrie has big blue eyes that she likes to enhance with light washes of champagney beiges, peachy pinks, golds and light bronzey shades to make her eyes look super blue. As always, Terrie adds lashings of volumizing mascara to her insanely long eyelashes. I think her look is very Victoria's Secret Angel-esque with her subtle glittery eyeshadow and dramatic lashes.
3. Terrie always wears some variation of pink on her lips, ranging from light pinks to deep rosy hues. The pinks compliment Terrie's lovely cool-undertoned skin and draws attention to her lovely pout. This adds to Terrie's natural look that never looks overdone.

On to her favorites:

Base: "I love GOSH X-Ceptional Wear Foundation in #14 Sand. I think that it is MAC-quality for half the price. It gives maximum coverage with a velvet finish and is so easily blendable. This is my favorite foundation (and I have tried everything).

Primer: "The Rimmel Fix and Perfect Primer does the job and is inexpensive. There are other primers that are more expensive and better quality but I am happy with this one. I found the Smashbox Photofinish Primer too drying and I absolutely needed to put moisturizer underneath but I did like it better for extending the wear of my makeup. It's good that I don't need to use a moisturizer when I use this primer.The primer helps to prolong foundation wear and smooths skin for foundation application. I would still rather pay less for this primer because it is really good for the price."

Highlighter: "I use Clinique Up-Lighting Liquid Illuminator in Bronze to glam up the simple makeup days. I like to use it under my brows and on top of my cheekbones for subtle highlighting. For going out, I like to mix a dollop into my foundation for an all over radiant, light-catching look."

Lip Color: "I love the Maybelline Baby Lips in Cherry Me, it's perfect to pop on when wearing yoga pants without looking like too much, but still looks nice when going out. I have all of the colors but this shade is definitely my favorite. It feels good and smells good." Note: This balm is the loveliest rosy-pink shade on Terrie.

Facial Wipes: "The Balea 3-in-1 Cleansing Cloths are about a quarter of the price of Neutrogena's wipes. They smell nice and they work. I use them nightly to remove makeup or after my normal cleansing routine to remove residual makeup. These are awesomely convenient for camping. Another bonus: only need one wipe to remove ALL makeup."

Legs: : "The Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs is my go-to product any time I wear a dress without tights. It covers scratches, bruises and scars amazingly. Remember to use the waterproof one, because if not it will look like you have leprosy if you go out in the rain (learned through experience). Make sure to wash hands well after use."

Once again, happy birthday to my fabulous sister who is my own beauty icon. Are there any product discoveries that you have made from snooping through your friend/family's beauty bags? Tell me about it in the comments below.

Thanks for reading :)


  1. Heyyy I love your blog!!! You've given me some great ideas for products to use for my fair skin :-) I'm in desperate need of a switch-up, so I thank you!

    Also, how does your sister apply the Rimmel primer? I have it and everytime I use it, I look orangey-pinky-red ... but I apply it with a makeup sponge! But I do use moisturizer with it, maybe it doesn't blend as well that way??

    Keep blogging, future nursey :-)

    - Vicki H

    1. I will definitely ask her but I normally apply a primer over bare skin (otherwise I feel like the primer doesn't feel like it "sticks") and I use a really thin layer. Then I use my fingers to smooth it out as much as possible over my cheeks and forehead for a smooth finish, which I follow with a thin layer of foundation smoothed on top of the primer. It's strange that it makes you look orange/red/pink since this primer does not have any color correcting properties... maybe you are right in thinking that it isn't blending well. Maybe try it out without moisturizer? Thanks for the comment and thanks for reading! Let me know how you get on with it! xo

    2. No moisturizer and a thin layer worked! The product itself has a pink tinge to it, so I think I was applying too much. Along with using moisturizer as a base! Looked perfect with my Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse foundation :) xo

    3. Glad it worked out! I wasn't aware it was tinted pink but when I was in the store yesterday I noticed that there were two primers by rimmel, one pink and one clear. Thanks for reading and commenting love :D xo

  2. Your sister and I share the same birthday! :) absolutely love airbrush legs, it's the only tanning product I've found that really does apply evenly with minimal fuss. Have heard great things about baby lips balms too, and I do love a good cherry scent! Must check it out when I'm next in town :) xo

    1. Happy belated birthday! You should definitely check out the baby lips;) Thanks for checking out my blog, much appreciated :D xo