Friday, 15 November 2013

Introducing: Newfound Beauty

Welcome to Newfoundland- I mean Newfound Beauty! I'm excited to finally take the plunge into the world of blogging. I am no expert on makeup, nor am I a makeup artist. In fact, I will be a Registered Nurse in six months (hopefully). I live in St. John's, Newfoundland with my boyfriend and my adorable cat (whom I may refer to as "babycakes" from time to time). I love to read reviews on the latest makeup product launches, watch makeup tutorials and take a peek into other people's makeup bags.

Living in Newfoundland has it's challenges as we do not have Sephora. Yes, you heard me right, I'm a beauty addict who struggles to get my fix. As a result, I purchase much of my own high end products from the Shopper's Drugmart Beauty Boutique, with the occasional online order from Sephora. I also shop in the various drugstores around the city (Shoppers, Lawtons and Walmart). Since I started watching/reading beauty bloggers from the US and UK, I have noticed a gap in beauty-obsessed blogs, specifically for Canadian girls. Providing posts on budget beauty is also on the to-do list, as I think being a poor university student is no reason for having to look less than amazing.

I want to make the beauty blog that I wish had always existed for the beauty geeks of Newfoundland. No pressure, right? I plan on spreading the word about the products available on the island, as well as throughout Canada. I will provide honest reviews of products that I have purchased myself. My goal is to share my own love of makeup with both seasoned beauty addicts and new-comers to the world of cosmetics.

I have many of my own ideas for upcoming posts, so keep an eye out for those. If you have any questions/comments/suggestions, please leave your comments below.


  1. Yay! Stumbled upon your blog via a friend on facebook. I recently vacated St. John's for Halifax, but always an Islander at heart. So happy to see Newfoundlander girls in the beauty blogging world. (:

  2. Thanks so much! I love support from fellow Newfoundlanders :)