Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Smashbox Studio Skin Foundation: A Review

Bare Face
Smashbox Studio Skin Foundation- 2 layers over blemishes
Full Face of Makeup
A new foundation has recently come into my life. After getting a pretty nasty breakout recently on one side of my face, I decided that I bring out the big guns and get a proper full coverage foundation. I picked up the Smashbox Studio Skin 15 Hour Wear Hydrating Foundation which boast a long list of claims. It's an oil free foundation which claims to wear for 15 hours with a buildable medium to full-coverage. It's a hydrating formal that is resistant to water, sweat and humidity.

Although this foundation does have many claims on the box, I actually don't disagree with any of them. Here's a quick break down of my thoughts on the foundation:

COVERAGE: I agree that it's a buildable medium to full coverage foundation. I apply one thin layer all over my face and go back over my problem areas (note: blemishes in first picture above) with a second layer. As you can see in the second picture, it did a pretty decent job of concealing blemishes on it's own, without the need for concealer.

LONGEVITY: I don't know how many people need their foundation to last for 15 hours, but I have probably worn it for about that long and it really wears beautifully throughout the day. The foundation does wear down a little around my chin and nose by the end of the day, but it lasts the longest of any other foundation I have tried.

FINISH: I love the finish of this foundation. It definitely has a very skin-like finish for a full coverage foundation. While it helps control oil, it definitely has a very slightly glowy finish. It has light-diffusing properties which help the skin look alive rather than matte and dead. Although I powder my t-zone out of habit, I've worn Studio Skin for an entire day without it and stayed matte. As you can see from the picture, it photographs beautifully and I would highly recommend it for brides and special occasions.

APPLICATION: Studio Skin is a thicker foundation with a gel consistency. Due to the thickness, I would recommend moisturizing the skin really well before applying or using a primer underneath. It also sets pretty quickly on the face, so I would recommend blending it in to separate areas of the face as you apply it.

COLOR SELECTION: This is literally my only issue with this product. I have the lightest shade, 1.1 and it is very dark for a fair girl like me. It also has a lot of yellow in it, which is fine for a warm-toned person like me but would not work for those with pink undertones. I need to wear a considerable amount of bronzer on my neck to make my face match the rest of my body. That said,  I love the foundation dearly and it is definitely worth it, but I wish there was a lighter shade that I could mix in to lighten it up.


So that sums up the newest foundation in my collection. I'm pretty bummed that Smashbox doesn't cater to pale skin tones like myself but I truly think the formula is out of this world. If you can find a color match, I highly, highly recommend the foundation.

Thanks for reading.


  1. I love how it looks on you! Just wondering, but are you going to keep it even though it's not a perfect match for you? I always have foundations that don't perfectly match me and I get so conflicted since some of them are perfect except for the color.

    1. I'm going to keep it because I can manage to make it work with a ton of bronzer. I've also been mixing it with lighter foundations for a better match. Thanks for commenting darling!

  2. They finally came out with new shades that are lighter! Check them out!