Saturday, 15 November 2014

Happy Birthday Newfound Beauty!

I'm so happy to announce the first birthday of my little corner of the internet; Newfound Beauty Blog! Exactly one year ago to this day, I decided to put myself out there and create my own blog. This blog has served to be a creative outlet for my overactive brain and has been a great escape from my everyday life as a student and a nurse. I never realized how difficult it would be to keep blog posts refreshing and original and I've certainly had some major writer's block along the way. Although inspiration surrounds us, sometimes it takes thinking outside the box and writing for yourself to produce material that others will enjoy. Since the birth of NFBB, I still continue to be floored by the kind comments from strangers around the globe who take a minute of their day to read my blog. It's been humbling and rewarding to watch my readership grow gradually throughout one year of blogging and I'm happy to be reaching out to people near and far.

I've had the opportunity to interact with other bloggers around the world and I love the sense of community that exists in such a heavily saturated area of the internet. I love connecting with people over a common love of all things beauty. One blogger in particular who has been a great support to my blog, is Hao, who has a fantastic makeup blog with very well written, honest content. Check out her blog here!

In honor of NFBB's first birthday, here is a recap of my favorite posts of the last year:

Hangover Beauty: The Morning After the Night Before- A few of my own tricks for dealing with a hangover, check it out here.
Girl Crushing: Girls' Jessa Johansson- A post inspired by a character on one of my favorite TV series, HBO's Girls, read it here.
Skin Rehab: How I Wash My Face- A post about washing my face, simple yet game-changing for my skin, check it out here.

Happy birthday Newfound Beauty Blog! And from the bottom of my heart, thank you for reading!


  1. Yay! Congrats on the anniversary of your blog! I love your content and you are so sweet. I look forward to your future posts!

  2. Happy birthday! That teacup is the cutest!

    1. Thanks doll! It once belonged to my great grandmother and I figured it was a great occasion to break it out! xo

  3. Happy Birthday NFB!! What a great year and here's so many more! ;))