Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Beauty Evolution: I've Come a Long Way

As I get older, my tastes in fashion and makeup are constantly evolving. The 19 year old me would be shocked by my current makeup preferences and be screaming at me to pack on the glitter AND liquid liner AND highlighter AND bold lipstick. The 23 year old version of myself prefers toned-down makeup to look and feel my best.

As one's personal style evolves over time, it is only natural for one's makeup choices to also change. When I look back to my 19 year old self living on her own for the first time, I sometimes cringe at my past makeup looks. Here's a comparison of my 19 year old makeup style to my current makeup routine:

In the first year of university, I wore makeup to compensate for my own insecurities of looking young and wore makeup to make a statement to the world. Wearing pin-up style heavy eyeshadow and red lipstick to class would be my own personal rebellion on what is accepted as "appropriate" for school. I would cake on heavy foundation over my entire face to cover up three blemishes on one cheek. Passing out at night with makeup on was a regular occurrence and my skincare routine probably didn't involve a moisturizer. Wonky cat eye flicks with black liquid liner would be a regular look and I probably didn't own a lip color other than red. I would constantly buy makeup products that performed poorly and got fed up with spending what little pocket change I had on crappy makeup products which ultimately led me to start researching makeup blogs and Youtube channels for advice... and here I am.

These days, I'm more laid back in my beauty routine, opting for quick morning makeup looks for work and more toned down looks for going out. I've realized that when it comes to face complexion products, less is more. I like using light foundations and taking the time to spot conceal blemishes and pigmentation for skin that actually looks like skin. I take the time to blend my blush and bronzer with a clean brush to avoid harsh lines and accept that I am too pale to wear the majority of bronzers on the market. Eyeshadow sticks have become a new favorite in the early mornings for a quick wash of color over the eyelid. Smudgy eyeliner around the whole eye is a look I've been sporting lately as a simple, pretty way to wear a smokey eye. Bold lips and glittery products are reserved for girls night out and special occasions. My love of lipstick remains undying but I opt for pinky/peachy nudes, dark natural nudes or mauve pinks on a day to day basis.

Even though my 19 year old makeup preferences make me cringe, I realize that it was ultimately the route to bring me where I am today. If it wasn't for my frustration with crappy drugstore makeup, I would never have looked to the internet for product recommendations and end up writing about my own lessons learned in beauty.

How have your makeup looks evolved over time? Are there any makeup products that have stood the test of time in your makeup bag?

Thanks for reading.


  1. My makeup has definitely gotten more expensive as well as extensive over the years. I have so many red lipsticks in pretty much the same tone, but I love all of them. I also used to just slap on mascara and some eyeshadow and be happy about it a few years back, but now I really focus on my skin. It's weird though because my skin was so much worse before but I just never felt like wearing foundation.

    1. It's funny how things change when you start doing research on products and using better application techniques. My routine has definitely become more expensive but I'm more selective in what I buy and I love every piece of my collection. Thanks for commenting Hao :D