Monday, 13 October 2014

Brown is the New Black

Eyeliner and I have had a very slow growing relationship. I'm sure that I went the majority of my teenage years without owning a single eyeliner pencil. My very first eyeliner purchase was a classic black kohl pencil which I used to rim my eyes in such a way that made me look somewhat like Courtney Love during her rough patch a few years ago. Little did I know, I was wearing a color much too harsh for day to day wear. Here's why I advocate for brown eyeliner time and time again:

It looks good on EVERYBODY. There is a shade of brown out there to compliment every eye color. Brown is universally flattering and can help to bring out blue, green and brown eyes.

It provides the same drama and defnition as black. I regularly do a winged liner with a matte dark brown pencil. It looks like black from a distance but looks less severe against pale skin. You can ditch the black liner without sacrificing the cat-eye flick.

So many shades to choose from. Unlike traditional black eyeliner (which in my opinion only comes in two shades, black and blacker) there is a huge spectrum of brown liners to choose from. From golden bronze to warm copper to dark chocolate, there is a shade to suit everybody. Try playing around with cool toned browns versus warm toned browns to see which works for you.

If you are light-medium skin tone OR have light eyes, it will look great. Black can often look very harsh on light skins or light colored eyes. Brown will look so much more natural and flattering on the skin for both daytime and night.

For those girls who love their black eyeliner and will go to the grave clutching their black kajal pencils, I respect that too. I'm not ANTI-black liner but I am certainly PRO-brown. I highly recommend everyone to give the black liner a break and try brown, just once, and I promise you will see the beauty of it.

In my humble opinion, brown is the new black.

Thanks for reading.

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