Thursday, 31 July 2014

July Favorites

I can't believe July is nearly over! It's been a very hot month for Newfoundland (which we are certainly not accustomed to), so I haven't been going overboard with makeup on a daily basis. Working full time has resulted in some minimal makeup looks that are easy to slap on in the painful early mornings. On the few occassions that I went for a night out, I loved rocking a bright lip with contoured/highlighted cheeks. As I've been trying not to buy makeup in the past little while, I've went back to some old favorites. My current goal for August is to work on hitting pan on at least one of my blushes/bronzers, which means I will have to stick to using just one or two options in the future. Which I think will be extremely challenging considering that I usually wear a different makeup look every day. I feel the need to use up some makeup in order to make room for some new things, because I'm past the point in my life where I feel the need to own every new product release that hits the shelves.

So here are my well loved products for the month of July:

I purchased a small 1 oz bottle of this oil after hearing the world rave about it's wonders. I don't have particularly problematic hair, but my ends often feel parched and I don't get regular trims as I am growing out my hair (controversial, I know). I picked up the Moroccanoil Light which is formulated for gals like myself with fine hair. I apply this to towel dried hair (from my ears down, avoiding the roots) after every hair washing and I've seen a big difference in my hair from just a month's use. My ends never look or feel dry and my hair looks generally healthier. I was a bit of a skeptic about this super hyped hair oil but I'm definitely on the bandwagon and plan on purchasing a bigger bottle when this one runs out (which will likely take a long time as I use a small amount with every use). My favorite thing about the oil is that it doesn't weigh down the hair and never leaves a greasy film. Another bonus, it smell great!

These are simply the best elastics I've ever had. I like that they look like little bracelets when you wear them on your wrist and that they cause less damage to the hair shaft than a regular elastic. Because they look like colorful ribbons, they are harder to lose (I've only lost 1/5 thus far). These elastics are perfect for holding your hair in place without budging all day, no more sagging ponytails for me! If you have 5 dollars to spare, I would recommend picking up a pack.

A great brown eyeliner that makes blue eyes look super blue. These are my favorite drugstore liners and this eyeliner has been great for lazy days when I can't be bothered with eyeshadow but still want to look put together. My pencil has seen a lot of love and is looking worse for wear, I see a repurchase in my future (once it has been worn down to a little nub, of course!).

One of my favorite NARS blushes. Madly is a super pretty reddish brown with a golden shimmer. I'm not sure if I would call this a blush or a bronzer but it's perfect to sweep across the cheeks for a bronzed golden glow.

I've been pulling out this little number on night's out when I want to look glamorous without having to do a full face of makeup. I love the look of an orangey red lip with contoured cheeks and a very simple eye. It's been well documented that this is one of my favorite lipsticks and a perfect pick for summer nights.

This is an easy mauvey pink that looks pretty without looking overdone. I've gained a new appreciation for natural looking lipsticks that almost mimic the actual color of lips- except look better (often refered to as "my lips but better"). A great color for work environments that don't accept bold makeup looks and moisturizing enough to battle the drying effects of air conditioning.

So that's the line-up for the month of July. What are your hot weather favorites of the past month?

Thanks for reading.


  1. I love red lipsticks and that Dior lipstick looks beautiful! I also need to get some of those hair ties. My hair creases really easily and so people have been recommending those types of hair ties for me since they're supposed to crease less

    1. Dior lipsticks are absolutely divine, I have two shades (both red) and they are pure luxury in a tube. And those hair ties are fantastic, I love them especially for keeping my fine hair in check and they don't crease my hair at all. Thanks again for commenting girly and sorry it took so long for me to respond! xo

  2. the formulation for the dior lipsticks are so great! I've been really tempted by the new colors ;) Also, I could really use some of those hair ties in my life... my hair keeps getting caught in my hair ties and breaking off... not that great for my hair haha!

    1. Everytime I walk past the Dior counter I'm so tempted to buy more shades! I'm surprised people don't talk about them more in the beauty world. And those hair ties are a lifesaver, you should definitely invest! Thanks for commenting girly! xo