Sunday, 27 July 2014

Favorite Summer Nail Polishes

Summer is the season when I wear nail polish the most! With hands and feet on display, I like to have a fresh and vibrant manicure as often as possible. Lately, I've been slacking with painting my nails and probably paint them once a week but I always make sure my toes are well pedicured and sandal-ready. These are my top 5 polishes for summer that I have personally worn repeatedly over the past two months:

I feel that if you are going to go through the trouble of painting your nails, it's worth taking the extra minute to apply a base coat. I bought this Essie base coat a few months ago after running out of my old Revlon base coat and love the nail-strenghening properties that this base coat provides (I'm blessed with brittle nails that crack too easily). I find that wearing an this base coat underneath any polish will double the wear time of my manicure and triple the wear time of my pedicure. This is a must have!

In my last month's favorites, I mentioned Essie's limited edition Haute in the Heat. If you didn't have a chance to check that out, Bachelorette Bash is a very close dupe and hands down my favorite polish of the moment! I love that it's a pretty fuschia that's darker than it is bright. It's a classy color that's still fun for summer. I also feel like it makes my feet look as pretty as feet can be. I've worn this constantly on my toes for the past month and I love how dainty it looks on the hands. Best pink ever.

Another good one for toes. Aruba Blue is a deep metallic blue that looks amazing on the toe nails. It's the perfect color to compliment a pair of strappy sandals and reminds of the tropics. The lasting power is impressive too!

An oldie in my collection, Turquoise and Caicos was a gift from my man a few years ago and continues to be one of my favorite polishes (props to my boyfriend for having good taste). It's a unique color that's not quite mint and not quite green but sits somewhere in between. It looks amazing on the fingernails, especially when paired with colorful rings and bracelets.

I've spoken about this cheap little gem a while back (see review here) and it continues to be a favorite nail polish year round. It's a gorgeous milky light blue that looks super pretty on the nails and lasts a lifetime with just two coats. It may even perform better than my favorite Essie counterparts!

Those are my nail polish recommendations for summer 2014. I've really been enjoying deep pinks and blues. What colors have you been rocking on nails and toes this summer?

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